Eeps! Tomorrow marks the end of my first week here in Munich, and the days have flown. Munich is lovely, and there is so much to absorb, every day is busy. Here is a quick update of my life since I left Michigan.

This journey, like most others, began with goodbye. 

The Fam dropped me off at Detroit Metro Airport for my 7:20 flight.

Kento got really emotional, so he didn’t want to look at the camera.We got a bit teary, as you can see. But to all of my wonderful friends and family, I’ll see you within a year!

I first flew from Detroit to Frankfurt. I had a window seat! From Frankfurt, I had an 90 minute layover before flying to Munich.

There, I went with two other students to brave the trains and find our way to the JYM offices to grab our keys and finally head to our rooms in the StuStadt. There are books everywhere, and the walls are filled with pennant banners of the home colleges of previous JYM students.

This is the building where I live! I have a room on the fourth floor on the other side of the building. It’s quite tiny and very bare. But it has a balcony, a kitchenette, a bathroom, and sizeable closet, so I cannot complain. I had bought a package from one of the students that was here the year before, and went to the storage unit to pick it up the day after I arrived. I was planning on cooking but realized that my stove wasn’t working! T_T So I made ramen in the hot water boiler…it was quite overdone and less than delicious.

On Thursday, we were supposed to be at the JYM office at 9:30 to eat breakfast and fill out some paperwork. But I was totally jet-lagged and didn’t fall asleep until 6 am, which is my grand excuse for having slept until 1 pm. (so embarrassing)  So I hustled over to the office and then went out look for a post office. I spend the rest of the afternoon wandering through Munich, and stumbled upon the beautiful city center, full of classical architecture and camera-wielding Asian tourists.

On Saturday, I went on an Ikea excursion with four other students.  I came back with my bags totally full and was happy..until I realized I’d forgotten to buy a stool. For now, I’m stuck dragging my chair around to reach the top shelves.

On Sunday, my plan was to go to church in Augsburg, which is a medium-sized city about  45 minutes away from Munich, travelling by car. I knew I’d have to take a few trains, a bus, and a tram to get there so I gave myself two hours and left at 8 am. I made it to the end of the Munich train line, where I’d pick up the Augsburg train line to get to the city center. That is when I realized that the next train would not be coming for another two hours.

So I was stuck in a sleepy little town called Mammendorf. At 11 am on a Sunday, it was just this lady with walking sticks, the horses…and me. Finally, the train came to get me and I made it to Augsburg! I had to ask for directions a few times before I got to the right street. Then I saw an African man in a suit carrying a Bible and walking out of a building and knew that after four hours of travelling, I had made it to church! Service was over but luckily, the church was celebrating its ten year anniversary and everyone had stayed for the pot luck dinner. It was such a relief to be there, and everyone was so friendly. In all of the bustle, I forgot to take pictures. (Sorry, next time!)

All in all, the first week has been full of blunders but Munich is beautiful and I am so glad to be here (: I’m pretty new to blogging, but I promise to be diligent and work out the quirks eventually.