One of the coolest parts of being in Europe is the history that surrounds you. In the States, we marvel at cities that are a few centuries old while in Europe, such places would be considered infantile. The land that is now Regensburg has been inhabited since the Stone Ages. It has stood through the rise and fall of the Roman Empire and the Crusades. Some of its notable citizens have been Johannes Kepler, Pope Benedict XVI, and (for a short time) Oskar Schindler.

On a recent tour, our guide declared Regensburg (only 90 minutes away from Munich) to be the most beautiful town in all of Germany. And so, Anthony, Changqi, Dominique, Erin, Kyle, Michael, and me decided to hop onto the train and pay this fair town a visit. We were not disappointed.

First on the agenda: cake. I ordered an apricot torte with a cup of Regensburg coffee. (:
Near the center of the town is St. Peter’s Cathedral, which dates back to the Middle Ages and took 250 years to construct.
Beautiful, no? Some parts of this church are nearly a thousand years old!
We were going to go into the palace/castle but were too cheap to pay for the tour. Instead, we walked around it. >:)
These three grandmas were so cute, strolling through the park with their walkers. (I didn’t mean for them to be so blurry; the camera was on a weird setting.)It was a beautiful autumn day, and I was happy to spend it in quiet, quaint Regensburg.