This past Saturday, I hopped on a train and went to Austria! Salzburg is just two hours away from Munich, right on the German-Austrian border. It is a beautiful city, a musical city. My only regret? I went through my pictures and realized that I am not in a single one. Oops!

Perhaps the most famous of all Salzburg residents is Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart himself, the child prodigy who began composing at the age of five and wrote over 600 during the 35 years of his life. He wrote this when he was eight. Now, he also sells chocolates.
Salzburg literally means “Salt Mountain”, thanks to the salt mines nearby. In one particular shop, we found walls made of salt bricks and many, many flavored salts.The rest of the pictures were taken in Mirabell Park, which was full of gardens, musicians, statues, fountains, and impeccably pruned shrubbery. If you’re a fan of Roger and Hammerstein’s The Sound of Music, you may may be interested to know that most of the footage for the famous song, “Do Re Mi”, was filmed here. Can you recognize the city skyline, the gnomes, the Pegasus fountain, and the covered tunnel? Many other scenes in the film were shot in famous parts of the city, but I didn’t really make a point of scouting them out; I was with three guys and didn’t think they’d much appreciate being dragged around in the footsteps of Julie Andrews. 

And, if listening to that song once isn’t enough for you, here is a great flash mob performance of it (remix). (: