…or rather a month since I last updated, and I’m really sorry! quite a lot has happened these past few weeks:

November 6th: A fairly fairly important election

2012 election

I sent in my absentee ballot like a good like a good little citizen and celebrated the results with the rest of Germany. (Congratulations on the re-election, Mr. President!)

-November 16th: Ramen and a Talk with the U.S. Ambassador

Unfortunately, I can only give the noodles a B-; same goes for Mr. Murphy.

JapaneseAmbassador's Lecture

-November 17th: A visit to the Residenz, former palace of the Bavarian rulers (and also THE BEST DOUGHNUTS IN THE WORLD)



November 22: Thanksgiving, JYM style

We had chicken instead of turkey. And no, I did not manage to eat the entire half chicken on my plate. But believe me, I tried. (everything was delish, just as Thanksgiving should be)


-November 26th: The Munich Kristkindlmarkt opens

There are twenty-some markets dotting the city, each with its own personality, all with brilliant lights, mouthwatering food vendors, and Christmas warmth.


December 1: Day trip to the Nuremberg Christmas Market

It’s one of the most famous in Germany and ohmygoodness was it crowded. But so worth it (:


I’ve also…

-finally received my free vacuum cleaner from Deutsche Bank

-decorated my room, so now it looks like someone lives in it

-become quite the pro with my stovetop espresso maker

-nailed down some real plans for Christmas break

-skipped class for the first time this semester (to finish an essay, typical Aima move)

-officially been here for two months!

So this post will be kept brief, just because it would be overwhelmingly long if I went into detail about everything. But I’m going to follow up on these things, since I’ve snapped a few pictures and picked up interesting tidbits about German culture.

I’m spending the weekend in Augsburg with church friends, woot woot! Hope you have a lovely weekend, too (: