With just eight days until Christmas, there is so much to do! The week before break is always full of tests and project deadlines, so I’ve been sipping on tea and chomping on cough drops, trying to keep up with life. But it’s hard not to be cheery while the city around you is twinkling with Christmas merriment.

Come December, every village, town, and city in Germany digs out its garlands and untangles its lights to array itself for the month of Christmas. And oh, the Christmas markets! They are filled with beautiful handcrafted ornaments and gifts, perfumed with sugared almonds and mulled wine, glowing with light, bustling with shoppers.

About a month ago, we hopped on a train to the famed Nuremberg Christmas Market, which is  only about two hours away from our dear city. This particular market draws about two million visitors annually and has been a tradition since the 1600s–the days of Martin Luther. Here in Southern Germany, they are called Christkindlsmarkt, literally meaning Christ-Child Market, of course in remembrance of the birth of Jesus. DSC01669DSC01657

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I hope you are having a happy happy Christmas season!