Hello, friends! I hope your holidays were wonderful, as mine certainly were. I’ve been asked quite a few times how it is, being so far from home on Christmas. Was I homesick? Yes, of course. But really, it’s hard to be lonely with such great friends. On Christmas morning we all had breakfast together (it was the praline french toast recipe that my mom always uses after opening presents) and in the evening on of our professors made a feast and invited us all over. We had stollen (German Christmas cake), fruit salad, and German Christmas soup (sort of like vegetable soup with sausage). It was so sweet and cozy.

And this past Sunday, I packed a backpack and flew to Dublin with one of the other Michigan girls, Maureen. We planned this week-long tour of Ireland and the UK about a month back, and it’s been so great! We spent New Year’s in Dublin, two days in Dublin, and two in London. (I’m actually sitting at a Glasgow McDonald’s right now, waiting for our 4 am train to England.)

Anyhoo, here are a few pictures from our New Year’s Eve in Dublin. It was actually rated one of the top 10 NYE destinations of 2013 by Lonely Planet! We saw a parade, fireworks, and there was also a countdown concert.


Dublin Dublin DublinDublinDublin

Have you any grand resolutions this year? I’m going to try to update this blog at least every five days and try to pack more lunches. Except on Wednesdays, because that’s goulash day at the little Imbiss (German term for semi-fast food place) across the street. Ambitious, eh? Some things I’m looking forward to this year: picking my parents up from the airport in the spring, lazy summer afternoons in the Englisher Garten, Yates sugared donuts and cider in the fall. Cheers!