LondonLondon, I would say, is not quaint or charming or dreamy. Rather, London is a perfect hybrid of posh and grunge, old-world elegance and the latest underground hip. It’s powdered wigs and dread locks, crowned jewels and street beggars, afternoon tea and greasy newspaper-wrapped fish and chips.

Maureen and I were only there for one bustling day, and it was not nearly enough. They’ll tell you that London will devour your wallet, but it’s totally possible to see the city even when you’re a poor college student. Skip the Tower of London, the London Eye, and Madame Tussaud’s. Stick to the free museums–the National Gallery, the Victoria and Albert Museum, and the British Museum. All are worth hours of your time, and absolutely incredible. If you want to see a play, head to the box office early in the morning to snag cheap tickets (like..20 pounds for front row seats at Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, which normally go for at least 50) Early means early, at least an hour before it opens. Eat at the food stands in Broadway market, and shop at vintage second-hand stores.

I’m telling you all of this as if I’ve done it myself. I haven’t. Actually, Maureen and I got there too late to get the cheap tickets, and we only had time to go into the National Gallery.

London LondonLondonThe Queen’s house, Buckingham Palace. LondonLondonLondon Westminster AbbeyLondonLondonMy friends, Freddy and Winston.
LondonLondon London


I am dying to go back. But for now I say, Cheers! and Auf Wiedersehen, England!